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1. Representation

mdm Agencia Literaria assumes representation of those authors with whom it maintains a contractual relationship under the terms established in the mutually signed document.

2. In defense of the author’s best interests

mdm Agencia Literaria assumes the defense of the rights of its authors from a point of view of the negotiation of copyright. Sometimes the author is defenseless when there’s no one to individually defend him/her in his/her rights. The editorial and the public administration powers consider other interests that not always coincide with those who have dedicated hours, days, months and years to produce their literary work.

3. Literary counseling

The agency bets on quality literature. Occasionally, a good idea and an interesting plot lack rhythm or the necessary elements to turn text into a novel ready for publication.

mdm Agencia Literaria performs analysis of content and form to improve its authors work.

4. Relationship with media towards promotion of literary work

What’s unknown does not exist. Therefore, mdm Agencia Literaria also functions as press department and communications agency for the media diffusion of the works of their authors.

5. Text revision

Original work submitted to publishers or printers must be carefully corrected to avoid misprints or other errors that discredit a good work. The rereading of an original has to be done by people other than the author, to help him/her discover what he/she may have missed.

mdm Agencia Literaria has a correction department with professionals who supervise the texts of those who hire this service, without any relation to the fact of being represented, or not, by our agency.

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