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mdm Agencia Literaria represents Spanish-language writers of fiction and nonfiction, authors of a wide variety of genres, cultures, and styles. 

We believe in offering our authors not only our expertise in negotiating contracts, but in contributing to all phases of the editorial and publishing processes.

Our prestige is the result of passionate work and dedication, and the great relations we build with both our authors and the publishing houses.

Our goal is to manage creators’ literary brands for their entire career, so that they can devote themselves to writing while we take care of the rest.



«What is a book in itself? A book is a physical object in a world of physical objects. It is a set of dead symbols. And then the right reader arrives, and the words — or, better, the poetry that the words hide, for the words alone are mere symbols — come to life, and we witness a resurrection of the world

Jorge Luis Borges


Madrid, Spain / Netanya, Israel


Spain: +34-615-141102

Israel: +972-54-6663711

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